Can I Stay with You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb?

It's Airbnb for Airbnb.
You’re making loads of cash by renting your place. You’d make even more if you had somewhere to stay so you can rent it more often. But asking “Can I stay with you?” can get awkward.
Join a community of people who say “sure.”

How Does It Work?

You tell us you need a place to stay, we give you someone to stay with. That’s it. We will match you up within 24 hours. This is all about Airbnb renters helping each other out. If it doesn’t work out to stay, we will match you up with someone new!

Who Is It For?

It’s for people who love renting their place on Airbnb. And it’s for people who love meeting new friends and sharing their space. And it’s for people who love to barter for six-packs.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing. But we think hosts would love one of the following options:

Six Packs

Offer your host the gift of delicious locally brewed beer.


You are making bank renting your place. Share some of the love.


Swap a night. Let your host stay at your place at a later date.